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It all started with the formal conversation
And eventually landed into gibberish talks
From asking out for small helps to sharing all stupid stuff.
From exchanging smiles to laughing at each other.
From hey can I use it to I have used it.
I wish our friendship grow stronger and stronger each passing day....
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We laughed  We cried  We fought You caught my tears  You shared my pains  You held me in desolate You stood by me when needed You pampered me like a child You scolded me You cared for me  Time elapsed, but You still do the same I wish this friendship grow each passing day...


From stranger to someone special
From being just friend to best friend
From exchange of smile to long endless talks
From good friend to partner in crime
Many more cherishing memories yet to come....


I like cold coffee
He prefers tea.
I like reading
He prefers movies.
We have different taste
Different choices
Still he is more like me
And I am more like him.....